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By timestaff
March 17, 2010

Personal finance from around the Web:

  • In the wake of the credit card law passed last May, understanding all the new regulations that apply to consumers has gotten confusing. A consumer-law professor tries to untangle the legal mumbo jumbo, offering advice in parts one and two. [Bucks]
  • Beer Market: Even St. Patrick’s Day won’t do much to boost lagging brew sales. Turns out Americans are more likely to celebrate the USA by buying a case on the 4th of July than they are when they honor the Irish saint. [CNBC]
  • Is there groupthink at work among “strategic” mortgage defaulters? Recent research shows that borrowers are more likely to walk away when they are underwater on their home if they know someone else who already did. [Los Angeles Times]
  • The Milwaukee Police Department has found itself combating a new hotbed of crime in the cities’ neighborhoods: foreclosed homes. The currently 1,200 vacant properties have become havens for drug dealers, so law enforcement is stepping in to educate residents on how to avoid losing their homes. [WalletPop]

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