By Kerri Anne Renzulli and Ingrid Case
December 30, 2015
Andrew Unangst—Getty Images

If you’ve written off New Year’s goals as ineffective gimmicks, reconsider. People who made money resolutions last January felt more financially optimistic and secure by year-end than those who skipped a resolution, a new Fidelity survey finds. But committing to a big goal is one thing; devising a smart strategy to see it through is another. So for several popular resolutions, we asked experts for tactical advice. Here’s what they said.

Save more for retirement
Maxing out your 401(k) is a great start—but it’s not enough. Here’s what else you can do.
Stick to a budget and spend less
A few simple mental tricks can help you get excessive spending under control.
Save for an emergency
To make building a rainy-day fund easier, automate it. Here’s how.
Pay down debt
There’s no one right way to tackle debt. The important thing is to pick a strategy you can stick with.
Improve work-life balance
Success in the workplace is great, but often it comes with a price—the need to work even harder. Here’s how to ease the strain.
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