By Ethan Wolff-Mann
March 10, 2016
Frank Bienewald/Getty Images

Wonderful Pistachios, a California-based nut company known for its sleek packaging, has just announced a voluntary recall of some of its products because they may be affected by salmonella.

The pistachios, which are sold across the US and Canada are also branded as Trader Joe’s and Paramount Farms nuts, have affected 11 people from nine states so far: Washington, Arizona, North Dakota, Minnesota, Michigan, Alabama, Georgia, Virginia, and Connecticut. Only two people have been hospitalized.

According to the CDC, the investigation is ongoing, but initial reports said that eight of the nine salmonella patients said they had eaten pistachios in the week before they fell ill.

The voluntary recall only affects certain sizes and bags of Wonderful Pistachios. If you have a bag you’re not sure about you can cross reference it with this list from the company.

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