By Martha C. White
July 13, 2016

Media outlets, including this one, have noted that Pokémon Go—the insanely popular mobile app game that’s rendering otherwise rational adults oblivious to everything in their path—has given a boost to small businesses like coffee shops and pizzerias near locations sought out by players.

Now it appears that another group of entrepreneurs are finding a way to profit off the craze: Clever drivers for services like Uber and its competitors, who are advertising their services to help Pokémon players cover more ground faster (and, presumably, more safely, since somebody else will be the one watching the road).

Gig economy types with vehicles around the country have taken to sites like Craigslist to advertise themselves as freelance Pokémon Go chauffeurs, and quick-thinking sellers of everything from external phone batteries to secondhand bicycles are also jumping on the Craigslist Pokémon bandwagon.

Other gig-economy workers taking advantage of the game’s popularity are pitching themselves as Pokémon Go egg hunters, security providers, and hackers, according to The Ringer.

Some of these dreams of riches might be more fanciful than others. The Ringer added that one man advertising his service “hatching” Pokémon eggs hadn’t gotten responses from game players eager to get ahead—just curious media types looking for a viral story.

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