By timestaff
February 9, 2013

Did you recently make a choice between selling your house or remodeling it so you could live in your ideal home? Are you currently deciding between these two options? If so, MONEY magazine wants to hear from you.

For a story that will run in an upcoming issue of MONEY, the magazine is looking for homeowners who can tell us about how they decided between renovating or relocating, and why that choice was the right one for them.

To participate, you must be comfortable with talking in the magazine about the cost of your new home or renovation project. You also may be photographed for the story.

If you’re interested, please fill out the confidential form below. Along with your contact information please include a brief description of why you decided it was time to make a change, whether you decided to move or fix up your current house, and about how much you spent — or plan to spend — in the process. Please also tell us about a little about your family and where you live. All of this information will be kept private unless we get in touch with you and you agree to appear in the magazine.

We’ll follow up with potential candidates.



Home town/city and state


Best phone number to reach you

Your story


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