By Christine DiGangi /
September 11, 2015

Paying off student loan debt is not fun, but recovering from major surgery probably isn’t, either. Still, some people say they’re willing to sell an organ if it would get rid of their education debt, according to a survey from a banking research site.

A few things on this: First, it’s illegal to sell an organ in the U.S. That’s pretty crucial to point out here. Second, it’s important to note that this was not a scientific study.

The 30% of MyBankTracker readers who said they’d sell an organ to get rid of student loan debt amounts to 60 random people on the Internet — the figures come from an online poll of 200 MyBankTracker users, so it’s not representative of U.S. student loan borrowers. The survey results are sort of just for fun, but they highlight a sentiment so many people have: student loan debt is the worst.

There are a lot of ways to pay off student loan debt faster, the simplest being to budget for it: Skip on wants like dining out, shopping, living in a high-rent area or getting a new vehicle and put that money toward your loan balance. Of course, that’s not an option for a lot of borrowers.

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If the selling-your-organs thing appeals to you (again, it’s illegal), you can be compensated for some donation of your bodily things, like plasma, semen or eggs, or you could go a step further and be a surrogate or subject in a medical trial. Of those 200 survey respondents, 38% said they’d be willing to do a “questionable health study” if it paid well.

If you’re not inclined to using your body as an income generator, you could always sell your possessions, though most people weren’t open to that, either: Only 43% said they’d sell their stuff to pay off student loan debt.


Getting rid of student loan debt isn’t easy, but there are student loan repayment options that may make it more manageable and potentially save you money. However you choose to make your loan repayment work is up to you — just make sure you’re making payments, because student loan delinquency or default can seriously damage your credit and your financial future.

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