By Jennifer Calfas
July 3, 2018

If the summer makes you want to get away from it all and never come back, you may be in luck.

Southwest Airlines is offering discounted prices on one-way tickets around the U.S., Mexico and the Caribbean — including $45 tickets to Las Vegas.

Flights that are part of the deal can take off between August 21 through December 19 for domestic trips, and September 5 through December 6 for trips to San Juan, Puerto Rico. (The discount doesn’t apply for flights taking off around popular holidays, like Labor Day and Thanksgiving.) The sale ends Thursday.

The options vary in prices, going as high as $274 for a one-way ticket from Montego Bay, Jamaica to Chicago. Domestically, however, the flights are a tad cheaper, with $45 tickets to and from Long Beach, Calif., and Las Vegas, and $59 tickets for California-based travelers exploring different cities in the state. Customers traveling from Atlanta can score $59 tickets to Nashville or Greenville, South Carolina, and those heading out from Boston can fly to Baltimore (which is also a quick bus ride to Washington, D.C.) for $68. International flights departing from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida — often a gateway for Caribbean travel — range from $59 to Grand Cayman on the Cayman Islands, $69 to Belize or $102 to Havana, Cuba.

Southwest does have a number of other restrictions on the sale, however. Customers can’t take advantage of the lower prices for flights departing on Fridays or Sundays, and the advertised prices don’t include other fees or taxes.

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