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If you work in an office every day, you know how cold it can get during the winter months. You’re expected to be productive and efficient, but it’s hard to concentrate when you’re busy shivering. No matter how many extra layers you pile on, sometimes the cold just won’t let up. We’ve got just the thing for you: a five-star, highly-rated space heater that’s currently more than 35% off.

Right now, one of Amazon’s highest-rated space heaters is on sale for over 35% off. That means you can get a 5-star heater that’ll keep you and your co-workers warm all winter, while saving some serious cash. Keep reading to learn all the details about this amazing deal, so you can cozy up your office and save some money, too.

Courtesy of Amazon

This portable heater has an advanced ceramic heating element that warms up in just two seconds. This means the heater preserves energy, doesn’t have any open coils, and will last for years. Plus, you get three heat settings and an adjustable thermostat control for comfort — perfect for those smaller rooms.

And since safety is always a priority, rest assured there are plenty of features to keep everyone protected such as automatic overheat protection that lets you sleep peacefully knowing that if anything goes wrong, the unit will shut off on its own.

If you buy now, you can save 33% and take off an additional $2 with the checkout coupon, which brings the price down to just $24. So don't let cold temperatures lead to frosty vibes in your office – get this small electric space heater today and become a master of micro-climate warmth!