By Doug Aamoth
July 24, 2015
David Arky

1) Golf-Swing Analyzer

Resembling a chunky ball marker, the SwingTalk sensor attaches to the end of your golf-club grip. It packs a gyro sensor and accelerometer, which connect to your smartphone to provide three-dimensional swing analysis: tempo, club speed, trajectory, and shaft angles. Got the yips? It will even help improve your putting by measuring your backswing, follow-through, and clubface angle at the moment of impact.

Compatibility: iOS, Android

Price: $150

2) Floating Fish Finder

Toss the FishHunter in the water, and it will give you the depth (up to 133 feet) and temperature—and a whole lot more. A baseball-size, military-grade device that connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, the Fish-Hunter has a mapping feature that lets you pinpoint fish-filled sweet spots or mark out hazards such as sandbars and rocky areas in a 150-foot range. It can be used for ice fishing and sports a blinking light for night fishing. Battery life is up to nine hours.

Compatibility: iOS, Android

Price: $169

3) Bike Computer

Wahoo’s RFLKT+ is a small, sunlight-readable, low-power display that attaches to your handle-bars and pairs with your favorite biking app. It serves up heart-rate info, GPS and elevation data, live temperature and humidity reports, and even music playback controls. Also, you can customize the viewing screens to keep your hands free and your mind on navigating while you ride. Includes handy stem, bar, and quarter-turn mounting hardware.

Compatibility: iOS, Android

Price: $130

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