By Kara Brandeisky
February 5, 2016

Can’t wait a week to get your commemorative Super Bowl shirt shipped to you? You don’t have to learn patience. Order from Dick’s Sporting Goods during their #RushMyShirt promotion and UberRUSH will deliver the shirt to you within two hours after the game.

The bad news: The service is only available to hardcore Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos fans in New York and Chicago. The good news: no delivery charges.

“For many years, Dick’s has given hometown fans the opportunity to get championship merchandise in our stores immediately following the end of the game, usually to tremendous demand,” Dick’s Ryan Eckel told Adweek. “Through the UberRUSH service, we saw a unique opportunity to extend that same opportunity to fans in two of America’s biggest sports cities.”

UberRUSH will send its drivers out in the two hours after the Superbowl ends, usually around 10 p.m., so you can get your commemorative shirt just in time for bed. Miss this window, and UberRUSH will deliver a new shirt the next morning—if there are any left.

It may be hard to find a normal Uber car outside the Super Bowl, however, because the drivers are threatening to strike.

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