By Stephanie AuWerter
February 11, 2014
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Q: Can you stay insured if your term life policy ends at age 60? — Joseph Laudadio, Lower Gwynedd, Pa.

A: Just get ready to pay up. A new term life policy is likely to cost you five to seven times more than it would a 40-year-old, says Scott Witt, a national insurance adviser and actuary.

Yet even if your health isn’t perfect — you have elevated cholesterol, say — you should have good options.

You can get by with a shorter term and lower coverage than you could have 20 years ago, since your mortgage is probably smaller and your children are closer to independence.

A useful tool for gauging your insurability is the health analyzer at, where you can also get quotes.

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Should you have a major ailment such as diabetes, an insurance broker may be able to find you a willing underwriter.

Is your health very bad? You’re probably out of luck: Quotes, if you can get any, will be astronomical.

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