Last week, former president Barack Obama attended the Duke-UNC basketball game, wearing an outfit so effortlessly cool, the internet collectively lost its mind.

Call it an “internet-breaking” moment: On just about every social media platform, people were going bananas over Obama’s Rag & Bone bomber jacket, complete with a crisp, custom-embroidered “44” on his sleeve as a nod to his presidency.

But that wasn’t the only noteworthy item Obama wore. No, no, our 44th president was also sporting a pair of knit Allbirds sneakers that night — and now suddenly it feels like that one scene in “Mean Girls.” What’s the quote? Oh yeah, “I saw Barack Obama wearing a bomber jacket and Allbirds, so I bought a bomber jacket and Allbirds.”

If you’re unfamiliar with Allbirds, know this: They absolutely live up to the hype. With their intense following (everyone from Leonardo DiCaprio to maybe even that entire family of four living in apartment 3A), breathable mesh (no more feet sweats!), super-comfy footbed, affordable price point, and sustainable design, Allbirds really are — dare we say it — the perfect sneaker. And Barry O approves.

To buy: Allbirds Men’s Wool Runners, $95

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