Coronavirus and Your Money: Special Coverage
By wordsthatecho
June 2, 2016

Recent stock trends have shown that nervous investors are looking for a little stability at a time when nothing is sure. Buzz-worthy stocks that were once riding high have seen a downward trajectory. Part of that has to do with the current political climate, yes, but another factor is that there’s more competition out there.

Consider Netflix. Sure, the company isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and its library of movies and shows to stream just keeps growing. But with Hulu, Amazon, and a few other platforms looking to get into the streaming business, Netflix doesn’t have a solitary claim on the market anymore.

One stock that’s doing well, on the other hand, is McDonalds. This fast-food joint hired a new CEO, introduced all-day breakfast, and has leveled out after logging a few disappointing years.

So the lesson here? What’s cool and new isn’t always what will make a profit. Sometimes old and reliable is where you need to put your money.

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