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Walmart and Target are both juggernauts of the retail industry. And although both big-box stores might face stiff competition from online retailers like Amazon, Target and Walmart still often beat prices of other online stores — and will even price match many major online brands.

So whether you’re looking for cheap products or ways to price match, here are the best things to buy at Target and Walmart.

1. Legos

Legos are consistently rated as one of the best deals at Walmart.

“Having three kids who’ve all been into Legos at one time or another, I figured this one out a long time ago,” said Kyle James of Rather-Be-Shopping.

Both Walmart and Target have some of the hottest Lego products available. However, in many cases, “smart shoppers have long been aware that Walmart typically beats Target and Toys “R” Us on price,” said James.

For example, the Lego Star Wars AT-AT, Lego City sets and Lego Super Heroes tend to be a tad cheaper at Walmart than Target. But remember: Target does price match Walmart.com, so you might be able to get the same toys at the same price at both retailers.

2. Back-to-School Supplies

Walmart and Target both provide great deals on back-to-school supplies. Walmart offers both low everyday prices as well as rollback prices, while Target has been known to offer buy-one-get-one 50 percent off on a variety of school supplies.

“While Staples and Office Depot/Office Max offer competitive prices on school supplies during July and August, Walmart and Target consistently offer lower prices on pens, pencils, crayons, paper and other school supplies all year long,” said Kendal Perez of CouponSherpa.com.

“For example, Target offers college-ruled filler paper (175 sheets) for 99 cents compared to Office Depot’s store brand of college-ruled filler paper (150 sheets) for $2.49,” she said. “Walmart offers the same brand as Target, but 150 sheets for 82 cents.”

3. Toys

Both Walmart and Target have a good track record when it comes to low prices on toys, “especially around the Black Friday/Christmas sales [when] Walmart rolls back prices on its toys, and the products are identical to what you’ll get elsewhere,” said Kerry Sherin of Offers.com.

“Target is really good at predicting the ‘hot toys’ for Christmas and pricing them lower than the competition,” added James. “They know once they get shoppers in the toy aisle, they’re probably going to buy other stuff at full price. So, if your child asks for a popular, and thus hard-to-find toy this Christmas, be sure to check Target first.”

4. Name-Brand Laundry Detergent

Walmart and Target both stand out with their affordable prices on brand-name laundry detergent.

“Walmart and Target typically have better prices on laundry detergent compared to grocers and especially online retailers,” said Perez. “For example, a 100-ounce bottle of Tide Original Liquid Laundry detergent is currently on sale for $10.99 at my local King Soopers — but I can only get that price if I buy four, or spend close to $50.”

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Tide Original Liquid Laundry Detergent costs $10.99 each on Target.com, and you can get a $10 Target gift card if you buy three. “Walmart sells the detergent for $10.77, offering the best per-unit price of everyone,” added Perez.

Walmart prices for laundry detergent also outdo online pharmacy prices. For example, Arm & Hammer Plus Oxi Clean that cleans 25 loads costs over $3 more at Walgreens and CVS versus Walmart.

5. Cleaning Products

Walmart and Target continually offer competitive prices on name-brand cleaning products, said Perez. Walmart prices often undercut the prices at local grocers, and “Target is known to offer gift cards of $5 to $10 with cleaning product purchases,” she added.

Online retailers such as Amazon can’t compete with Walmart and Target’s prices on many cleaning products. “For example, a 2-liter refill of Windex Glass Cleaner costs $5.44 from Walmart [and] $5.59 from Target, while Amazon sells the same product for $9.74,” said Perez.

Similarly, Lysol toilet bowl cleaner two-packs are cheaper at Target than on Amazon. And although Amazon’s Clorox disinfecting wipes just barely beat Target’s price, Amazon.com is one of the online retailers covered in Target’s price-match policy.

6. Baby Supplies

Multiple deals experts have cited both Walmart and Target prices on baby supplies and products. For example, Walmart shines when it comes to affordable baby supplies. Name-brand baby products such as the Graco Pack ‘n Play with Automatic Folding Feet Playard costs only $60.88 at Walmart versus $79.70 at Amazon.

7. Select Bakeware

“Walmart and Target offer better prices on bakeware and other cooking tools compared to grocery stores and online retailers,” said Perez. For instance, a Pyrex Grip Rite 9.5-inch clear Glass Pie Pan is priced at $31.45 from Amazon compared to $6.49 from Target.

Walmart offers affordable prices on Pyrex bakeware as well — but Amazon has the retailer beat on some products, including the Pyrex Easy-Grab 9.5-inch Pie Plate two-pack. Fortunately, Walmart.com’s price-match policy covers Amazon.com.

8. Kleenex

Walmart and Target prices on Kleenex tissues tend to beat local stores. Compared to major pharmacies, Target has Walgreens beat on six-pack Kleenex bundles, costing more than $4 less. Walmart also offers better prices on Kleenex bundle packs than Walgreens.

9. Toilet Paper

Like tissues, toilet paper prices tend to be lower at Walmart and Target versus other retailers, said Brent Shelton of FatWallet. For example, Charmin Ultra Soft, Mega Roll 12-count packs at Walmart and Target are cheaper than on Amazon.com.

10. Holiday Decorations

Around Christmas time, you can find great deals on decorations and decor at Walmart, said Sherin. “Just shop early, before the selection is picked over,” she added.

However, deals experts also say that great savings can be found on holiday decorations if you’re patient. According to AllThingsTarget.com, the store offers holiday sale prices for as low as 90 percent off for Valentine’s Day, Easter, summer, back-to-school, Halloween and Christmas items.

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11. Razors

A number of deals experts have noted Walmart’s great prices on disposable razors. “I’ve been buying my Schick disposable razors at Walmart for years and pay 20 to 30 percent less than at Target or Amazon,” said James.

But, Target has Bed, Bath & Beyond beat when it comes to Gillette Sensor2 10-packs of disposable razors. And where Target’s prices aren’t lower than Bed, Bath & Beyond’s, such as with Venus Spa women’s razor, Target price-match policy covers BedBathandBeyond.com.

12. iPhone

“Target and Walmart are both good places to pick up an iPhone,” said Benjamin Glaser of DealNews. “The big-box stores tend to have competitive discounts, and often bundle phones with gift cards. Walmart frequently has best prices on prepaid iPhones, like [a] 6s for $399.”

13. Pet Toys

Pet food might not be one of the best things to buy at Walmart or Target, but you’ll find great prices on toys for your pet, said Sherin. Both Petsmart.com and Petco.com are covered by Walmart and Target’s price-match policy.

Therefore, pet toys like the KONG Classic Dog Toy — which is cheaper on Petco.com and Petsmart.com — can be price matched at Walmart and Target.

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Walmart and Target Price-Match: List of Online Competitors

Walmart and Target both provide a list of online retailers whose prices they will match, subject to review. Please note that you should always contact the retailer to verify a price match. And if you want to price match at a local Walmart store, talk to the store about its price-match policy.

Here’s the list of online retailers that both Walmart.com and Target.com say they will price match:

  • Amazon.com
  • Babiesrus.com
  • Bedbathandbeyond.com
  • Bestbuy.com
  • Dickssportinggoods.com
  • JCPenney.com
  • Kmart.com
  • Kohls.com
  • Newegg.com
  • OfficeDepot.com
  • Petco.com
  • Petsmart.com
  • Sears.com
  • SportsAuthority.com
  • Staples.com
  • Toysrus.com
  • Walgreens.com

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