By Flora Carr
April 10, 2018

Spare a thought for Jonny.

The Wheel of Fortune contestant lost out on $7,100 and a holiday to Europe after he mispronounced ‘flamenco’ as ‘flamingo’, confusing the Spanish dance with the exotic pink bird during Monday’s show.

Jonny was faced with a complete answer on the board, spelling out “Flamenco Dance Lessons.” However, he botched the pronunciation and was buzzed incorrect. Fellow gameshow contestant Ashley then correctly pronounced the phrase, and host Pat Sajak was forced to explain to a bemused Jonny where he had gone wrong.

“So to explain, what we all heard was, and I don’t even know [how] to say it but you gave us a ‘g’ instead of a ‘c’,” Sajak said.

Jonny also lost out on another easy win earlier in the show. The board read, “Dog And Pony Show Me The Money”, and at first Jonny seemed to set to win big. In footage of the incident posted on social media, he accumulates over $2,000 after selecting the ‘s’ and ‘w’ for ‘show’.

However, with just two letters missing, the contestant then shouts the letter ‘c’. And once again, Jonny’s fellow contestant Ashley collects after his blunder.

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