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By Alicia Adamczyk
November 12, 2015
Oli Kellett—Getty Images

Apple Music, Spotify, iTunes and Pandora have another competitor to welcome to the music streaming space as YouTube launches its own music app, the aptly titled YouTube Music.

Like its competitors, YouTubeMusic lets you listen to more than 30 million audio tracks and boasts personalized recommendations and radio features. But unlike the others, it also offers live concert footage, karaoke tracks and music instructional videos, the Verge reports. “You’ll be able to quickly find music videos, tracks, artists and albums, but you’ll also see all the remixes, covers, lyric videos and concert footage that YouTube has to offer,” YouTube said in a blog post announcing the service.

The YouTube Music app is free to download, but you can go ad-free with a supscription to YouTube Red, a $10 monthly service that disables ads, allows you to stream videos offline and lets you listen to YouTube videos in the background on your phone (without the service, videos stop playing if you move to a different app or even to text).

You can download YouTubeRed on iOS or Android.

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