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It makes me so mad when I hear about scams targeting older adults. My colleague told me recently that her elderly father, who has cognitive decline, fell victim to a so-called vanity scam. Fraudsters call older people and tell them that their prior professional achievements are being honored, and they just need to give their credit card number to pay shipping on the plaque that will be sent to them. The ones who contacted my co-worker’s father went so far as to conduct a bogus radio interview with him. Today’s featured story talks about another fast-growing scam, this time involving the promise of romance. It targets people of all ages, but those over 70 experienced the biggest losses from it in 2018, according to the Federal Trade Commission. The upshot for caregivers? Be mindful of any new “friends” in your loved one’s life, especially those who are very different in age, and consider the pros and cons of establishing joint accounts, which would help you monitor for fraudulent activity.

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