Students who are passionate about social justice thrive at Elmhurst, a private school affiliated with the socially liberal Church of Christ. Elmhurst’s website says that it “welcomes people of all faiths — and of no faith.” The school was one of the few to accept Japanese students during World War II, and it brought Martin Luther King Jr. to speak in its chapel during the summer of 1966.

Elmhurst offers more than 70 majors, and to earn a degree, it requires at least nine courses in various interdisciplinary “areas of knowledge,” which include ethics and justice, religious studies, social and political analysis, and more. In addition, nearly everyone participates in some kind of community service during their time at the college. Small classes taught only by professors (not teaching assistants) and stellar internship placements round out the experience.

Though located just half an hour from downtown Chicago, Elmhurst’s 48-acre campus feels worlds away. The school says that all new full-time students receive some type of scholarship or financial aid. It encourages extracurricular activities, too: Elmhurst boasts 100 student organizations, including a stock market club and a campus radio station.