The University of the Pacific looks like a typical college campus — or at least the way Hollywood thinks a typical college campus should look. At least 21 movies have been made on the campus and in Stockton since the 1940s, thanks to Pacific’s classic good looks and California location. But don’t be fooled by the Hollywood glitz — the school’s academic credentials are very real.

Despite its smaller size, Pacific offers a comprehensive curriculum featuring six undergrad schools, a grad school, six professional schools — law, dentistry, pharmacy, business, education, and engineering — and three campuses. Business is a strong major here. The Eberhardt School of Business offers undergraduate degrees in accounting and administration, and its MBA program includes a joint degree in law.

Pacific’s music school was the first music conservatory in the West; it’s also home to the Brubeck Institute, with a well-regarded jazz program and research archive, and named for alum Dave Brubeck.

The university’s engineering and computer science curriculum includes Co-Op, a required seven-month paid internship at a corporation or public agency. Graduate programs are offered at the university’s Sacramento campus, where Pacific’s McGeorge School of Law is located. Other grad classes and Pacific’s dental school are in San Francisco.