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In October 1972, Money began its first-ever issue with a letter to readers outlining its mission: to “detail how to make, save, invest and spend money” in order to “help you to gain a greater measure of control over your personal finances.”

For 47 years, we achieved that goal by publishing monthly print magazines. Money reached millions of subscribers with expert advice, investigative reporting, data-driven rankings and features on families across the country. Then, in 2019, Money shifted to an online-only format. As we worked diligently to grow, our colossal archive of print magazines were shuffled from office to office, storage unit to storage unit.

Now, in celebration of our 50th anniversary, we’re putting all of our excellent financial journalism in one place.

Welcome to Money Archives, an ambitious project where we’ve begun to digitize the print editions of Money magazine. With the help of weDigitize in Puerto Rico and ScanStore in Tennessee, we’ve scanned over 500 issues — that’s 40,000 pages — and transcribed the stories within.

We’ll be posting the issues as they become available on this website. We encourage you to browse: to see how we covered the 1987 stock market crash or how we responded to 9/11, an issue we sent to press “with clouds of smoke and ash still visible” from our Manhattan newsroom. Step back in time to learn about the invention of the 401(k), read our 1984 interview with tech up-and-comer William Gates, or check out the evolution of our Best Places to Live in America list. From stock picks to predictions about Amazon’s 1997 IPO, identify what we got right (and what we didn’t quite).

Times may have changed, but our mission of helping readers live richer lives hasn’t. Explore Money’s history here — and let us know what you find.