Where to Find Five-Star Hotels for Three-Star Prices

Jul 29, 2016

Have you ever said to yourself, I don’t care where I go—I just want to get away and get spoiled. It’s sort of the opposite of the Staycation—let's call it the Awaycation—and it can be a surprisingly affordable splurge, especially if you’re willing to venture to off-season locations that many travelers are passing on. After all, who cares if it’s hot outside if your 5-star hotel has great A.C. and a sweet pool (or two).

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There are a surprising number of A-list places at rock-bottom prices all around the country. A price check on TripAdvisor for a Saturday night in mid-August turned up plenty of places for less than $150 a night, including a Waldorf Astoria for $95 a night. Get ready to spoil yourself rotten—without maxing out your credit card.

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