See How Markets Around the World Reacted to a Trump Victory

Nov 09, 2016

Early Wednesday morning, Donald Trump became president-elect of the United States, in a surprise break from earlier predictions of a Clinton win.

Pollsters and Clinton supporters weren't the only ones taken aback by Trump’s win, however. Once Trump's lead began solidifying late Tuesday night, investors sent Dow futures plummeting while markets around the world reacted feverishly: the Mexican peso fell; Asian markets roiled; and the FTSE 100 (an index of 100 companies on the London Stock Exchange) fell as much as 2% before recovering much of its losses on Wednesday.

Despite the market turmoil, it's always wise to keep a level head about the markets. As Money's Paul J. Lim writes, "before you decide to follow the crowd and sell your holdings as things get rocky, understand what’s actually happening here and remember that investment success is often based on going against — not following — the crowds."

While you take a deep breath, take a look at how markets around the world reacted to a Trump victory.

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