7 Things You Can Use Your #WomanCard to Cash In On

Apr 28, 2016

In case you missed the news, presidential candidate Donald "I Cherish Women!" Trump announced during a press conference on Tuesday that Hillary Clinton is only snatching up primary season votes because she's playing her #WomanCard, pandering to female voters across the country who don't care at all about real issues. Heck, we just want free tampons!

The Internet promptly exploded with suggestions for how women could use their special card. Paid maternity leave was a popular suggestion, as was a 21¢ discount on purchases to make up for the gender wage gap. After all, why should Clinton be the only one who gets to play her card? We here at Money are always looking for strategies to improve your finances, so here are seven ways you can get what's coming to you for being a gal.

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