12 Weirdest Ways Job Seekers Have Tried to Stand Out

Updated: Aug 24, 2016 1:34 PM ET | Originally published: Aug 23, 2016

For job-seekers, competition can be stiff. Keyword-driven algorithms pluck contenders from hundreds of resumes, and hiring managers may interview dozens of candidates -- it’s no wonder applicants are looking for ways to stand out.

A beefed-up resume that highlights coveted skills is one way to grab an employer's attention, but for others, that isn't enough. In a new CareerBuilder survey, hiring managers across the country reported some incredibly strange—if not downright inappropriate—tactics by which some candidates tried to set themselves apart. (Hint: Kissing your interviewer is a bad idea.)

We're not suggesting you should be tempted by some of the following zany approaches. Instead, consider learning one of these 21 valuable skills—and making sure you leave these 25 skills off your resume. And once you get an audience, be prepared to answer any number of interview questions that would otherwise catch you off-guard.

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