Olive Branch Chamber of Commerce

No. 35

Olive Branch, Mississippi

Located on the Mississippi-Tennessee border, Olive Branch is just a 30-minute drive from downtown Memphis. Residents enjoy a median household income of $78,000 — 46% higher than in nearby Memphis.

While homes are pricier than Memphis — the median in early 2020 was $239,000 — the city enjoys enviable diversity: 33% of the population is non-White, and income inequality is low. Another big draw is the town’s strong schools: Lewisburg High is ranked second in the state.

Olive Branch is a culturally eclectic place. Shop for antiques in the historic Old Towne district, drop by Brussel’s Bonsai to learn to cultivate these tiny trees or enjoy the popular Fat Panda special at Sidestreet Burgers, which features Korean-style marinated sirloin. Fans of the King of Rock and Roll will feel right at home, too: Graceland is only 20 minutes away. — Mayra Paris

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