City of Urbandale

No. 47

Urbandale, Iowa

Urbandale began in the early 20th century as a “streetcar suburb,” because its residents would take the trolley to Des Moines. Though the streetcar is now long gone, Urbandale maintains its status as a top commuter town for young Des Moines professionals looking to start a family, with 63% of residents under the age of 50.

It’s not hard to see the appeal. Urbandale is served by six school districts and some of the best schools in the state of Iowa. In addition, the city maintains more than 50 parks and over 50 miles of bike and walking trails, as well as tennis courts, baseball fields and even a skateboard park with two quarter pipes, so kids will never lack for safe options to have fun.

Affordable housing makes Urbandale an easy place to become a first-time home owner. The median home price is $244,000, far cheaper than other Des Moines areas like Waterbury and Salisbury Oaks. — Mayra Paris

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