140619_HER07_32Michael-Logan Jordan

Age: 15
Hometown: Kailua
Cause: Raising funds and awareness for different charities

Of the dozen or so causes Jordan has championed, Toys for Tots, the Arthritis Foundation, and Wounded Warriors are favorites. Toys for Tots because giving to it was five-year-old Jordan’s first charitable act, and he’s donated his birthday gifts ever since. Arthritis Foundation because Jordan was diagnosed at age three with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, conditions which have required multiple surgeries and frequent use of a cane. And Wounded Warriors because Jordan’s father, a Marine, was injured in Iraq. When asked why he spends so much time and effort on causes, Jordan replies, “Giving back is my only cure. I focus on helping others rather than feeling bad about myself.” Jordan hopes to attend Johns Hopkins medical school.

Says Jordan:

When people ask why I have a cane, I tell them my story — what I’ve done to help others. Then they want to help others. It’s a ripple effect.”

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