New Mexico

140619_her07_17Glenys Carl

Age: 70
Hometown: Santa Fe
Cause: Free home health care for low-income families

Inspired by caretaking needs for her youngest son — who was paralyzed in an accident at age 20 and later passed away — Carl started Coming Home Connection in 2007. CHC provides free home care: bathing, feeding, and otherwise attending to disabled, ill, or elderly members of low-income households in New Mexico. CHC trains, places, and coordinates community volunteers, many of whom are nurses and medical students, to provide free home care. More than 300 adults have completed the training. Last year, they provided 20,000 hours of free care for 187 families. CHC also refers caregivers for paid work, including jobless veterans who help other veterans who are disabled.

Says Carl:

I learned a lot taking care of my son. I saw an enormous need for home care and a lot of people who cannot afford it.”

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