140619_her07_23Carol Levine

Age: 74
Hometown: Portland
Cause: Free mental health care for veterans

Levine, a psychotherapist, was shocked at the number of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans returning to her Portland community in need of care for mental trauma they experienced while deployed. So in 2005, Levine launched the Returning Veterans Project. Coordinating with the local Veterans Affairs, she recruits and trains licensed therapists to provide free, unlimited and confidential mental health care for soldiers, veterans and their families. RVP’s 154 therapists have delivered 3,843 hours of free mental health services to 394 veterans, active-duty service members, National Guard members, and reservists, as well as to 160 family members and close relatives.

Says Levine:

Veterans come back and find everything and everyone different. They call Veterans Affairs, but there’s so much demand, it can be 12 months before they hear from them. We help fill that gap.”

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