Washington, D.C.

140619_HER07_50Corinne Cannon

Age: 36
Cause: Diapers for the Needy

Shortly after giving birth to her first child in 2009, Cannon was struck by the high cost of childcare. Looking to help, she reached out to local shelters to see what single mothers could use the most. The answer was unanimous: diapers. The day before her son’s first birthday, Cannon launched the D.C. Diaper Bank, which provides free diapers to those in need. Through donations from local organizations and help from the National Diaper Bank, the group has given away nearly a million disposables via other social service non-profits, like health care clinics. By distributing only through other groups, the bank doesn’t just help people save on diaper money, but also gets them much-needed financial assistance in other areas of their life.

Says Cannon:

I think of diapers as a gateway resource. We’re finding that a family that wouldn’t go in the door for food would call saying they need diapers. Diapers are the way they get connected to this larger network of social services.”

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