140619_HER07_31Ken Semple

Age: 86
Hometown: Glen Allen
Cause: Personal finance information for the blind

In 1952, Semple decided to quit his radio job in Pennsylvania for a better paying gig selling home building supplies. Upon retiring nearly 50 years later, Semple reentered the sound booth to share health and Social Security information on Virginia Voice, which broadcasts specialized radio for the blind. Semple, who has read for Virginia Voice for 13 years, volunteers weekly to host Living Independently and Living With Chronic Illness. By sharing articles, studies and pamphlets on topics such as retirement planning strategies or options when paying for surgeries, Semple helps listeners, who may otherwise need to move into a group home, remain independent.

Says Semple:

I felt like I wanted to do something, and speaking was something that I did pretty well.”

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