Weston, Florida

Weston, Florida
Courtesy of the City of Weston

Wooded roadsides and a citywide network of inlets lend Weston an air of tropical seclusion, though it sits just 35 miles north of Miami. Residents are never far from water, whether in ponds, lakes, or those inlets. Many homes border it; many parks feature it.

The natural beauty makes for a pleasant ride to the office, albeit a long one: Work commutes typically run 30 minutes. Those trips pay off, though, as families pull in a median income of over $111,000. Some are fortunate enough to stay ultra local: Ultimate Software, a human resources company headquartered in Weston, routinely turns up on lists of the best places to work in the country.

In the absence of a traditional downtown, Weston holds community events at one of its parks or at a large outdoor shopping mall. Locals can lie under the stars and catch a flick as part of the monthly Moonlight Movie series, and spend the day reclined in a lawn chair alongside neighbors at the well-attended 4th of July Parade. — Max Zahn

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