The Best Place to Live in Every State

Because it's good to know what's the top dog in your neck of the woods (especially if you happen to live in it).

Dogs have their Best in Show. Cars, investments, and students vie for Best in Class. This year, MONEY is adding a new category to our “Best Places to Live” franchise: Best in State. They’re the top dogs in 49 states, as judged by the same economic and lifestyle factors we use to select our overall winner. That 49 is not a typo: This year’s “Best Places” list focuses on communities with at least 50,000 residents. Burlington, the biggest city in Vermont, comes up a few thousand short.

One reason we’ve added this Best in State list is to help people who live in (most) every state find a new and perhaps better hometown that’s relatively close to their current one. The other reason is perhaps less useful, but it’s more fun: bragging rights.

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