Kristen Bahler

EditorPersonal Finance. Creates lists for Best Places to Live and Best Places to Travel.
Joined July 2016

Kristen Bahler is a journalist and editor who has been with Money since its print days. As a feature writer, she wrote several of the magazine’s most-read cover stories, including a profile of the controversial personal finance guru Dave Ramsey and an intimate look at parents who sever ties with their opioid-addicted children.

Today, she helps develop and oversee signature Money franchises like Best Places to Live and Best Places to Travel, edits Money’s four weekly newsletters and assigns, edits and writes a range of lifestyle-focused news features. She is a master of versatile, voice-driven storytelling, identifying and contextualizing social and consumer trends and finding excuses to write about Paris Hilton.

As a freelance journalist, her work has been published in Time, Fortune, Newsweek, Buzzfeed News, Allure and Bust magazine. She is a National Press Foundation fellow, and has been interviewed by NPR and the Center for Public Integrity about some of her highest-impact stories. Kristen has a Masters degree in journalism from Northeastern University and a Bachelor’s degree in journalism from Illinois State University.


Northeastern University, MA Journalism


Ask for a raise. And then ask for another one.

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