Tosca Cafe in the North Beach neighborhood of San Francisco, California
Peter Dasilva—The New York Times/Redux Pictures
By lauragoldstein2014
August 16, 2015

Money can’t buy you love, but the costs of dating in a big city certainly add up quick: The urban premium for dinners, cocktails, wardrobe refreshes, movie tickets, and matchmaking services can take a real toll on your wallet.

It helps if you live in a metropolis where dating pools and incomes are bigger than average. That way you (or at least your prospective dates) have a better shot at being able to foot the hefty bill for a night out on the town.

In that spirit, MONEY examined big American cities with more than 300,000 people where the population of unmarried people is above the average of 40%. Then we zeroed in on cities where median household income is also above the urban average of $50,787.

These are the top 5 cities where it’s great to be rich and single. Note: We limited the results to one per state, based on highest incomes and largest populations of unmarrieds—we make no promises about youth, attractiveness, or social skills.—Susie Poppick

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