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Published: Apr 14, 2016
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This is the Day 11 challenge in the #Money30, a month-long bootcamp for personal finance novices. You can read more about the challenge here, and follow along with us on Twitter, Instagram, or email us at


By now you've checked your credit report, tracked your spending, and spruced up your LinkedIn account. The next #Money30 challenge is to subscribe to a personal finance newsletter, blog, or website, so you'll have a steady stream of money tips at your disposal long after this month-long challenge is over.

Some of my favorite blogs/newsletters/websites include:

  • (obviously): You can follow us here, here, and here.
  • Money After Graduation: Bookmark the site or sign up for Bridget's newsletter. Smart and refreshing takes on millennial money.
  • The Billfold: Now hosted exclusively on Medium, The Billfold starts a ton of interesting conversations on money and personal finance.
  • Your Money and Your Life: NPR's personal finance Facebook community is a treasure trove of useful information and friendly commenters (yes, really).
  • Your Money: The New York Times' personal finance newsletter. You can't go wrong with the Times.
  • Lifehacker: It's not all money tips, but Gawker's life-hack blog has some of the most consistently useful content on the web.

And if blogs aren't enough for you, here are some personal finance Twitter stars to consider following:

  • Another shameless Money plug: Here's a list of the entire Money team. We're fun.
  • Sarah Kliff isn't exactly a personal finance expert, but she tweets a ton of useful info on healthcare and insurance.
  • Maggie McGrath covers markets and millennial money for Forbes, with a few pop culture tweets mixed in for good measure.
  • Over at Refinery29, Lindsey Stanberry is the Living Features Director, and writes smartly about saving money and the sacrifices that entails.
  • Shane Ferro covers the economy for The Huffington Post, and tweets about the wage gap and #millennialproblems.

Other Money staffers suggest following: Jonnelle Marte, Michelle Singletary, Helaine Olen, Jonathan Cohn, and Dan Diamond.

Did we miss any of your faves? Let us know!

—Alicia Adamczyk

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