By Penelope Wang
August 18, 2016

To build a seven-figure net worth, you need more than a winning investing strategy and steady salary boosts (though both can help a lot). You also need the right mindset. Research shows that millionaires tend to share key habits and attitudes that have helped them amass wealth over a lifetime.

These winning habits were first identified by Thomas Stanley, co- author of The Millionaire Next Door. His daughter, Sarah Fallaw, is continuing his work as head of DataPoints, a behavioral research firm that analyzes wealth-building potential. “These behaviors are linked to greater wealth potential for people of all ages and incomes,” says Fallaw. Do you have the potential to be a millionaire? Take this quiz to find out. Then check out your results to learn more about these millionaire traits—and what you can do to develop them. Plus, get tips on how to get your head into the game so you can realize your millionaire dreams.

Quiz © copyright by DataPoints and published by permission. To learn more about your psychology and take sample tests that DataPoints has created for financial advisers and their clients, go to

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