Published: Mar 02, 2021 2 min read
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Have you ever reached the check-out page of a website to discover a field that says “Coupon Code” only to realize you NOW need to go back to search for a coupon and then check to see if it works?

Capital One Shopping has just released a free browser extension that you need to try.

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It Has Saved People Over $160M in the Last Year

If you’re shopping on Amazon or Target, Capital One Shopping will also alert you if it finds a lower price at a different retailer AND give you the link to purchase it.

  • Easily compare prices (even calculating tax, shipping and coupon codes).
  • See pricing history, return policy, delivery estimates & related deals
  • Reviews and rankings from Amazon and Google, plus YouTube videos all in one spot.
  • Use your watchlist to get notifications if prices drop!

It’s no wonder customers have saved over $160 million in the last year.

Is It Available On My Device?

Click this link to Automatically Check if Capital One Shopping is available on your device. Then click the button to “Add to Browser – It’s Free.