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It's long been a stereotype that women out-shop men. One recent Nielsen survey found women drive 64% of shopping trips -- dominating at every kind of store except 7-11s and gas stations.

Now the conventional wisdom may be upended for at least one cohort of males: Millennial dads. A recent survey by market research firm Mintel found that young men actually warmed to shopping when they took their kids along.

About four out of five young fathers agreed with the statement, "I prefer to shop with my kid." And nearly three quarters said, "Buying things is a way to bond," according the survey, reported earlier by Business Insider. Millennial dads agreed to both at higher rates than parents in general.

Of course, even if millennials overturn some stereotypes, others may never die. The reason more than 70% of these these dads said they valued the shared experience: So "my kids know the value of a dollar."