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In a recent online poll, Money magazine asked what your target retirement age is. “Before age 60” was the top answer, garnering 35% of the votes. Another 34% of you said you want to retire between 60 and 64. It’s a tall order to retire young but entirely possible -- as long as you have the right strategy and frame of mind.

To get going today, you can read Money’s guide to the six secrets of early retirement. From how to buy health care to how much you need to save, you’ll learn the framework for how to prepare for retirement in your late 50s or early 60s.

Have more questions about how to make it work? Then join Money’s retirement experts in a Twitter chat on Tuesday, Nov. 5 at 4pm EST/1 pm PST. Ever wonder how to get started saving for retirement? Do you find planning complicated? Have dreams of retiring young? Here’s your chance to ask the questions you’ve been too afraid to ask.

The Experts:

  • Donna Rosato, @donnarosato1, is a senior writer at Money. She currently covers planning for retirement and strategies for career advancement.
  • Penelope Wang, @PennyWriter, is an editor-at-large at Money. She writes about 401(k)s and retirement, as well as investing and college planning.

The Topics:

These are some of the questions our experts can answer in the hour-long chat:

  • How to Get Started -- How much do you have to save for an early retirement, and what are the best ways to catch up?
  • The Tradeoffs That Make It Easier -- Where you can find the biggest cost savings now, and in retirement? Should you pay off your mortgage early? Why should you consider relocating?
  • How to Overcome the Biggest Hurdles -- Why has health reform changed the picture for early retirees?
  • How to Make Your Money Last 40 Years -- Will you need a part-time job? How much can you safely withdraw from your portfolio? How should you invest?
  • What to Do in the First 10 Years -- Should you wait to tap your retirement accounts? When should you claim Social Security or your pension?

How To Join:

  • Just hop onto Twitter at on Tuesday at 4pm EST/1 pm PST
  • Follow @Money, where we will be moderating the chat and sharing your great responses
  • Ask a question by including the hashtag #MoneyMagChat
  • Watch it all unfold by searching #MoneyMagChat on Twitter or TweetChat

That's it. We look forward to hearing from you via the #MoneyMagChat hashtag on Tuesday!

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