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Published: Nov 28, 2022 6 min read

The holidays are upon us, meaning in-laws and house guests will soon come to visit for dinners and overnight stays. All that extra foot traffic means more cleaning for you. Thankfully, Amazon is having a Cyber Monday sale on powerful vacuum cleaners that will make it easy to keep your floors spotless.

A clean home fills everyone with comfort and reflects the peaceful state of mind that the holidays bring. Make cleaning easier on yourself this season and save big on some of the best vacuum cleaners on the market with some incredible Cyber Monday savings, including Hoover, Bissell and Shark. Snag the model that best suits your needs today to save up to $350 on your purchase.

Powerful suction, detailed clean

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If you love animals, then Bissel is a great choice. A portion of each purchase goes to the Bissel Pet Foundation which works to find happy homes for homeless pets. This bagless Bissel vacuum has a swiveling steering mechanism that makes it easy to move around tight corners and under furniture. Its rapidly spinning brush breaks up caked-on messes and removes deeply ingrained dirt for a detailed polish that will make your floors look brand new.

Scatter-free technology prevents the spinning brush from scattering little bits of debris that you’d normally have to pick up with a second pass. With edge-to-edge suction power, it’s a great vacuum for cleaning the stairs and the edges along furniture and walls. Gone are the days of struggling with a cumbersome bag because now you can easily empty the dirt tank with the press of a button. You can get this powerful pet vacuum for 10% off today.

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Cordless vacuums offer total freedom of movement while cleaning your home. This cordless stick vacuum doesn't sacrifice any power for portability. It has multiple modes depending on whether you need stronger suction or a longer run time. The powerful motor is capable of cleaning any mess you come across on a regular basis, and with a fully charged battery, this vacuum will run for up to 45 minutes on its lowest power setting.

This cleaner has a handy set of lights to help you see dirt in shadowed corners. Its powerful HEPA filter catches extremely fine particles as the vacuum siphons dirt and debris into its easy-to-clean dust bin. Storage is simple with a wall mount or in the closet, making it ideal for small homes. With a massive discount of 78% off, this cordless stick vacuum is hard to pass up.

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The Hoover WindTunnel 3 is the perfect vacuum for pet-owners. It comes equipped with multi-purpose pet tools to tackle stubborn pet hair and dirt on furniture, stairs, and hard to reach areas. The carbon HEPA filtration system eliminates pet odors, and the powerful suction means you can clean your carpets and hard floors with ease.

Plus, the 15 feet of extended reach lets you get to those hard-to-reach places. This powerful vacuum from Hoover features WindTunnel 3 Technology with three channels of suction that create efficient air flow from the extra-wide nozzle to the large capacity dirt cup. Plus, the on/off brush roll helps effortlessly transition from carpets to hard floors with the touch of a button. If you buy now, you can save 30%, bringing the price down to $139.

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This versatile lift-away vacuum makes it just as easy to clean underneath cushions and furniture as it is to clean the floor. It features a detachable pod with an ergonomic handle, so you can carry it around like a handheld vacuum with a hose that's easy to use on the stairs, between couch cushions, in cabinets, and more. With the hose attachment, you can even vacuum places high up along the walls like crown molding or the tops of curtains.

It comes with attachments specifically for picking up pet hair that’s stuck in the carpet or on upholstery. The spinning brush turns on and off instantly with the push of a button for quick transitions from hardwood floors to carpets. Bring home the perfect tool to easily clean every inch of your home.

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Aside from the mouth-watering fragrances of holiday dinners and the nostalgic aromas of pumpkin spice and spruce, the feeling of a clean and organized home is an essential part of the holiday season. Start saving now this Cyber Monday and equip yourself with the cleaning tools you need to keep your home looking immaculate while you’re hosting the people you care about.

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