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I’m a 30-Year-Old President of a Luggage Startup. Here’s Every Penny I Spent Traveling This Weekend

Apr 30, 2018

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Jen Rubio is the 30-year-old co-founder of Away, a luggage company that makes those "smart" suitcases you were eyeballing on your last flight.

Rubio lives and works in New York, but usually spends her weekends "traveling from one place to the next," she tells Money. Color us unsurprised.

Here's every penny she spent on a recent weekend.



[1:30PM EST]

La Colombe - $4.50
Iced Coffee

Time for an afternoon dose of caffeine—this is my favorite spot for coffee or tea anytime of day. It’s across the street from Away HQ, so I’m here at least twice a day.


Clic Gallery - $85
Yet another coffee table book: Ibiza Bohemia by Renu Kashyap, Maya Boyd

*Not for me this time! A friend’s birthday is coming up and I know she’s had her eye on this beautiful book.


Bond Street Sushi - $0
2 glasses of Sancerre + 1 order of tuna tarts + 1 order of crispy shrimp + 1 sea bass

*An early-ish happy hour with my co-founder Steph and one of our investors. I can’t remember who picked up the tab—but it wasn’t me, because I had to leave early to head to the airport to spend the weekend on Vancouver Island!


Uber - $50.17
Ride to JFK

*I’m heading to Vancouver, which has basically become my second home. I have an incredible community there. Just wish it was closer to New York (but then it’d lose its magic).


Hudson Newsstand - $12.17
Smart Water & Almonds

*Arrived way too late to take advantage of the lounge. In my rush to the gate, I buy a giant bottled water and a bag of almonds to hold me over during the flight. So pricey at the airport, but I can’t travel without these two things!

[1:00 AM PT]

Taxi - $25
Cab ride

*I arrive in Vancouver and head straight to my friend Sara’s, where she has a glass of wine waiting for me.

Friday Total: $176.84


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[8:30AM PT]

Botanist - $70
Pork belly benedict, green tea, fruit, plus whatever Sara’s having

*I’m not usually one for hotel restaurants, but we go out of our way to eat at Botanist at the Fairmont Pacific Rim. Yes, the restaurant looks like it was pulled straight off Instagram, but the food is genuinely so delicious. Breakfast is on me because Sara is always such a great host.

[9:45 AM]

Wine shop - $80
A nice bottle of wine

*Our friend is a pilot (he flies little Cessnas, private planes, around British Columbia) and offered to fly us to Tofino, which 1) saves us buying a flight, and 2) is way more fun. I get him his favorite bottle of wine as a thank you gift.

[12:00 PM]

Sobo - $48
2 salads, 2 glasses of rosé

*The flight to Tofino is just an hour in that little plane, so before it even hits noon we’ve landed and headed over to our favorite spot in town for lunch and a drink.

We don’t spend any money the rest of the day: the house we’re staying in is fully stocked with food and drinks, and we spend most of our time outside, wrapped in blankets, and in awe of the views of the Pacific.

Saturday Total: $198.00


(Photo courtesy of the author)


[8:30 AM]

The Pointe at Wickanninish Inn - $20
“Tofitian power bowl” and a latte

*We were up early this morning to go for a hike and rewarded ourselves with a breakfast at The Pointe on the way back. Hmm, maybe I like hotel restaurants more than I care to admit. This one is in the most beautiful lodge on Chesterman Beach.

[10:00 AM]

Live to Surf - $20
Wetsuit rental

*My friend is feeling under the weather so she ropes me into taking her place at surf school. All I need to do is rent a wetsuit… wait, what was I thinking? It’s FREEZING.

[3:30 PM]

Airport Convenience Store - $22
Sudafed, Emergen-C, water

*I surfed, I survived, I flew back to Vancouver. At YVR about to catch my flight to LA and I think I’m coming down with a cold because of that surf lesson. That won’t do—we have a shoot on Monday morning for an upcoming Away campaign, so I try to preemptively strike with some over-the-counter meds.

[7:10 PM]

Uber- $25.40
Ride from LAX to West Hollywood

*I always stay at the same friend’s place when I’m in LA so we can properly catch up. I find LA hotels so overrated anyway, so I’m grateful for the guest room.

[8:00 PM]

- $41
One "Trust Me" special, which comes with 8 pieces of sushi, 2 hand rolls, sashimi, and edamame, plus Postmates fees and tip

*I know there’s a Sugarfish in New York, but in my head, it just tastes better in LA. This is my favorite sushi. Plus, I’m exhausted so we Postmates in an order and eat on the couch.

The Sunset Tower Hotel in Los Angeles, Calif. (Photo courtesy of the author)
Photo courtesy of the author)

[10:05 PM]

Sunset Tower Hotel - $16.70
Drinks: Negroni

*Was about to call it a night but heard another friend was in town, so we go down the street to say hi. I have to be on set early tomorrow so one (pricey) cocktail will have to do!

Sunday Total: $145.10

Weekend Total: $519.94

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