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By Gabriel Sánchez Vissepó
January 26, 2021
Anthem Tax Services Review
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Anthem Tax Services was started by licensed tax professionals that have over 30 years of experience in Tax Preparation and Tax Law. Licensed to represent clients in all 50 states, Anthem is certified by the National Association of Tax Professionals (NATP), the California Tax Education Council (CTEC), and the National Association of Enrolled Agents (NAEA). They have offices in Woodland Hills, CA and Orlando, FL.


Variety of assistance services for all kinds of tax issues. Anthem Tax provides services for customers or corporations that require assistance with filing taxes or litigating tax debt. Many types of customers might benefit from seeking assistance from a professional tax consultant.

The company provides tax relief services for customers who are:

  • unable to pay their tax debt
  • unable to pay a large lump sum on their taxes
  • behind in their tax payments due to circumstances beyond their control
  • filing their taxes late
  • in the process of being audited or will be audited in the future
  • truck drivers
  • corporations that need help filing their taxes

Anthem can tackle these situations in a variety of ways. The initial free consultation helps determine the customer’s needs and allows the Anthem tax specialist to come up with a plan on how to deal with it.

Either by applying to one of the IRS’s debt forgiveness programs, requesting deferrals, or negotiating monthly payments or installment agreements, Anthem Tax Services professionals have all the tools at their disposal and accreditations to minimize the tax burden for the customer.

Money-back guarantee. Anthem Tax Services’ main selling point is its money-back guarantee. Anthem is so confident in its services that it offers a 100% money back guarantee if they can’t “put you in a better position than where you started.” What exactly this means is something the customer needs to address with Anthem if they decide to use their services. Nowhere on their website is this explained any further.

While this promise does demonstrate confidence on their part, the lack of additional details leads straight to our next point.

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Limited online information. To understand what Anthem offers, customers need to contact them directly. This applies to information regarding pricing and services as well as the money-back guarantee mentioned above. While its website does provide examples of the situations they can help with, and provides some suggestions so customers can get the ball rolling, there aren’t additional details about how the process runs or what specific services Anthem provides.

This lack of upfront information, particularly the absence of pricing figures, can potentially put off people searching for help.

Services provided may be confusing to the layperson. Although this is true of tax relief companies as a whole, it does speak to to the complicated world of tax law.

Many of the negative online customer reviews we found dealt mainly with a misunderstanding between what the customers expected their tax resolution would be and what Anthem Tax Services was capable of doing. While it may be attributed to a lack of communication between Anthem representatives and the customer, it’s also due to the general unfamiliarity about the legal options available to customers who carry tax debt.

It’s important for customers to understand their personal tax situation and discuss the possible resolutions with their tax representatives, as well as timely complying with information and documentation requests, to make sure they get what they need.

Anthem Tax Services and Features

Anthem provides tax litigation and tax preparation services for individuals and corporations with its stated goal to reduce and relieve its client’s tax debt.

Having to deal with the IRS can be challenging, confusing, and time consuming. This is why Anthem offers a bevy of services to simplify your situation and minimize both your debt and your involvement.

Anthem’s website provides explanations about the services they offer and to whom they are best suited. Among the services mentioned are:

  • Corporate Tax Preparation Services

Tax preparation, particularly for corporations, can be a hassle. Anthem employs preparers who can maximize returns and minimize payments, as well as avoiding any penalties if not filed correctly.

  • IRS CNC (Currently Not Collectible) Status

Taxpayers who are currently experiencing financial difficulty can request the CNC status as a way of putting the tax collection process on hold. Anthem Tax Services can identify if a customer is eligible for the status, if it’s a good idea to request it, and help with the application.

  • Filing a Freedom of Information (FOIA) Request

There may be instances where a taxpayer needs to access their personal IRS files. To do this, they must file for an FOIA request. Anthem Tax Services can provide information on when an FOIA request is needed and how to file with the federal government.

  • IRS Fresh Start Tax Debt Forgiveness

As a way of helping taxpayers ease their tax debt, the IRS has the specially-designed Fresh Start program. It provides three types of repayment options for taxpayers who carry at least $50,000 in debt, to be paid in a six-year span. Anthem Tax consultants can help determine the best repayment plan and apply for you accordingly.

  • Garnishment and Levy Release Services

If the IRS has taken money out of your account (levy) or taken money out of your paycheck (garnished wages) due to outstanding back taxes, you can request and file for a repayment plan in order to remove the levy or garnishment. Hiring a tax consultant can help in getting those levies released quicker.

  • IRS Installment Agreement Services

Customers having issues paying off their tax debt can request installment agreements, which are payment plans with the IRS. There are four alternatives: guaranteed payments, streamlined payments, partial payments, and non-streamlined payments. By consulting with an Anthem Tax Services representative, you both can determine which alternative, if any, is best for your situation.

  • Offer in Compromise (OIC)

The OIC is the IRS’s instrument for reaching a settlement with a taxpayer (individual or business.) The application process requires completing several steps, including the payment of fees and filing various documents, all of which can be more easily navigated with the help of a tax professional.

  • Penalty Abatement

Sometimes the IRS assesses penalties against taxpayers who did not comply with their rules, specifically for: failing to deposit taxes, failing to pay a penalty, or failing to file a tax return.

Anyone who has been penalized can request a penalty abatement to have them reversed, either as a statutory exception, via administrative waiver, or as a reasonable cause penalty abatement. Although taxpayers can complete the process themselves, their requests might still be rejected. A licensed tax professional can assist and litigate in your favor.

  • Unfiled Returns (Non-Flier)

Taxpayers who, for whatever reason, have not filed a tax return can run into fines and compounding interest penalties that lead to levies and garnishments. Tax professionals can help you avoid these situations if you are a non-filer, and provide the necessary orientation about the best possible plans of action.

  • Truck Drivers

Truck driving is one of the largest occupations in the U.S. Because of the complicated nature of the business (especially owner-operators), truck drivers can confront very particular situations when tax time comes. Anthem offers services for bookkeeping as well as helping non-filers get the IRS off their backs.

This list does not cover every option provided by Anthem Tax Services and some of these may work better in conjunction with others. Part-time workers, freelancers, and the unemployed might face different obstacles in filing their taxes than small business owners or salaried workers. To better understand their needs and analyze their options, customers must discuss their case with a professional tax consultant.

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Anthem Tax Debt Relief Process

The process begins with a phone call to Anthem Tax Services or by filling out an online form with general information about your tax problems. One of Anthem’s tax specialists will contact you in a timely manner and provide a free consultation wherein the matter can be discussed and a plan of action determined. The time it takes to resolve the situation will undoubtedly depend on the complexities of the case, the documentation or additional information the customer needs to provide, and the type of program for which they qualify. Anthem estimates that most resolutions can vary between one week to 120 days.

Anthem Tax Relief Costs

As mentioned in our Cons section, cost and fee information is virtually non-existent on Anthem’s website. To be fair, this is common in other tax services companies as well, due to the nature of the services they provide. It’s difficult to establish and publish a cost summary when each individual case is so different.

Costs are determined by the amount of time a case requires, the type of tax relief being pursued, and the debt relief programs that are available to customers. Therefore, the ultimate costs should be discussed directly with a tax representative during the initial free consultation.

Anthem Tax Services FAQs

Is it worth it to hire tax resolution services?

It will depend on each individual situation. Negotiation with the IRS can be a complicated and tiresome ordeal. Customers need to understand what it is they’re facing and what alternatives are available to them.

Tax services such as Anthem can relieve some of the burden on the customer by dealing directly with the IRS and litigating on your behalf.

This does not mean that the customer can remove themselves from the process and let it ride out. Customers need to respond to information or document requests and maintain open communication with their case representatives.

How do I know which tax debt forgiveness program or repayment plan I qualify for?

As detailed in the services section, the IRS offers many ways in which taxpayers can reach agreements or repayment plans to resolve their debt. However, with so many options, it takes time and some basic understanding of tax law to determine which program fits best.

Anthem Tax Services: Summary and Key Takeaways

  • Anthem tax services offers tax preparation and litigation assistance for different types of customers and situations
  • Offers a money-back guarantee, thought details on it are not available
  • Limited online information regarding costs, services, or processes
  • Accredited by the NATP and NAEA
  • Works with customers who are late on payments, need a payment deferral, want to reduce their debt to the IRS, or require tax litigation.
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If you owe more than $10k in taxes, tax relief can allow you to break down your debt into payments.
Anthem Tax Services provides a full menu of tax relief services to help clients get out from under the yoke of tax debt.
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