Carlos Silva

Staff Writercredit cards, loyalty programs, and credit
Joined January 2020

Carlos Silva is a credit card staff writer for Money.

In addition to being one of Money's resident credit card experts, Carlos is also an integral part of our compliance team. He is an experienced writer, able to turn complex information into highly readable content. His keen eye and memory for details, specs and features have helped him write comprehensive and informative reviews on everything from household products to almost every major credit card on the market.

Carlos has worked as a teacher at the high school level, as a writing tutor at the University of Puerto Rico and as a translator. His passion for education carried on to his work as a financial writer, valuing financial literacy and prioritizing readers to make sure the information reaches those who need it most.

As a credit card writer and reviewer, Carlos stands out for his thorough, fact-driven research and his drive to find the best product or service for people of all socioeconomic backgrounds.

He has a Bachelor's degree in Hispanic Studies, with a minor in Foreign Languages, from the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico; he’s also in the process of finishing his Master’s in Linguistics.


Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico, MA in Linguistics


Have a rainy day fund. Trust me, it always rains.

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