Edgar J. Nieves

Staff WriterFintech, Technology, Personal Finance, Investing
Joined January 2020

Edgar Nieves has been a staff writer for Money since 2020. He specializes in personal finance and investing, and is dedicated to helping young and beginning investors understand the complexities of building their financial future.

During his time at Money, he has written numerous articles about FinTech, home warranties, home equity and product reviews. His work has been featured in Apple News, MSN, Nasdaq and Yahoo! Money.

Before joining Money, Edgar was a high school English teacher and a Spanish tutor. Edgar’s love for researching and teaching is what motivates him as a financial writer, especially in helping readers understand complex financial topics and make well-informed decisions.

Edgar graduated summa cum laude from the University of Puerto Rico with a Master’s degree in English and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Education. He has also completed coursework in financial and investment planning from Boston University, and pursued professional development in digital marketing and SEO.

In addition to writing for Money, Edgar is a visiting professor at the University of Puerto Rico where he teaches literature. His reviews, literary critiques and author interviews have appeared in online magazines and peer-reviewed journals in both English and Spanish.


Masters in Caribbean Literature, University of Puerto Rico


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