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Published: Dec 19, 2023 9 min read
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  • Get up to 90% back at any vet
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  • Customizable annual deductible, annual limit, & reimbursement percentage
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  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee*
  • Up to 90% reimbursement on eligible vet bills, including accident and illness
  • Multi-pet discount & access to 24/7 vet helpline
  • Visit any U.S. licensed veterinarian or specialist
  • *Subject to terms and conditions
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  • No breed or upper age restrictions
  • 90% reimbursement rate, even for older pets
  • Dental illness and hereditary conditions covered at no extra cost
  • 10% discount for each additional pet you enroll
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  • Save up to 90% off eligible vet bills
  • Accidents, illness & routine care
  • Easy online claims submissions
  • Wide range of plans & coverage options for your furry friend
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2023 Pet Insurance of the Year Award Winner

  • No Lifetime or Per Incident Limits
  • Most Claims Processed in 5 Days or Less
  • One of the Shortest Waiting Periods for Accident & Illness Coverage

The leading pet insurance companies in Massachusetts exhibit notable similarities. Generally, these insurers present a range of plan options, extensive coverage, rapid claims processing, and reduced waiting periods. Through an examination of data sourced from reputable entities such as Pawlicy and Care Credit, we have identified the top five insurers in the state. Read on to see our top picks for the best pet insurance companies in Massachusetts .

Our Top Picks For Best Pet Insurance In Massachusetts

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Best Pet Insurance in Massachusetts Reviews


  • Unrestricted annual coverage irrespective of age
  • Accessible 24/7 telehealth helpline
  • Higher premiums for young pets
  • Transaction fees for monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual payments

Spot stands out as an excellent choice for pet owners seeking to surpass typical insurance limitations, as it offers annual coverage without age constraints. They offer a $100 deductible option for immediate coverage, but choosing this minimum deductible might substantially increase monthly premiums. It's worth noting that Spot's pricing tends to surpass the industry average, which particularly impacts regions like Massachusetts, a state already known for its elevated pet care expenses.

Healthy Paws

  • No per-incident, annual, or lifetime caps
  • Expedited claim processing
  • Potential for direct payments under specific circumstances
  • Limited coverage for senior pets
  • Restrictions on hip dysplasia coverage

Healthy Paws distinguishes itself by covering various alternative therapies at no extra cost, including acupuncture, hydrotherapy, and general physical therapy. The company offers a single accident and illness policy without per-incident, annual, or lifetime caps, ensuring prompt claims processing, often within two days. However, its coverage options become more restricted as pets age, making it primarily suitable for younger pets.


  • Access to 24/7 telemed pet health experts
  • High upper age limit for enrollment
  • High annual reimbursement limit compared to competitors with annual caps
  • Limited wellness benefits
  • Caps dental illness coverage at $1,000 annually

Embrace receives acclaim for its partnership with PawSupport, providing continuous access to pet health experts at no extra charge. Policyholders can seek care from any licensed veterinarian globally, with coverage extending for up to six months outside the US. Embrace’s Wellness Rewards plan allows funds for preventive care, although they do not carry over to subsequent years.


  • Covers emergency exam fees
  • Includes veterinary-prescribed holistic and alternative therapies
  • Up to $1,000 in covered virtual visits
  • Absence of routine care or wellness plans
  • Mandatory medical exams

Fetch expands coverage beyond the traditional by covering expenses indirectly linked to pet health, such as pet boarding fees during owner hospitalization, lost pet recovery costs, and non-refundable travel expenses due to pet illness. Moreover, it covers exam fees without additional charges, an option often billed separately by other insurers. Accepting pets as young as six weeks with no age restrictions sets Fetch apart from competitors.


  • Swift claims processing
  • Multiple available discounts
  • Contribution to charities through payments
  • Limited availability in 38 states only
  • Policy adjustments restricted to renewal periods
  • Potential ineligibility for older pets

Lemonade stands out for its rapid claims processing, facilitated by its app and AI technology, making it a noteworthy choice among pet insurers in Massachusetts. Its customizable coverage options allow tailoring for specific needs, including vet visit fees, dental illnesses, and end-of-life services. The option to allocate a portion of payments to charities adds appeal to pet owners.

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Best Pet Insurance in Massachusetts Guide

In an era where pets are regarded with profound care and consideration, getting pet insurance coverage has become increasingly imperative, especially in times of illness. Although most pet insurance plans do not cover pre-existing conditions and certain procedures can incur high costs, pet insurance remains a viable choice for pet owners seeking to minimize unforeseen expenses during their pets' illnesses or accidents.

Understanding how to buy pet insurance can feel overwhelming. It's essential to engage in comprehensive research across multiple insurance providers, comparing quotes and assessing coverage benefits tailored to your pet's unique needs. While relatively uncommon, it's worth noting that some employers may include pet insurance as part of their employees' dependents' insurance benefits.

To alleviate the potentially steep expenses linked with pet insurance, consider opting for a plan with a higher deductible—a significant factor influencing monthly premiums. Additionally, the extent of coverage and the species of your pet are crucial factors that significantly impact overall insurance costs.

Furthermore, when shopping for pet insurance, it's essential to understand the waiting periods before coverage begins. Policies often have waiting periods before certain treatments or conditions are covered, and these waiting periods can vary between insurers. Additionally, some policies may have annual or lifetime coverage limits, which can affect the extent of coverage available for your pet over time. Finally, be sure to thoroughly review and understand any exclusions within the policy to avoid surprises when making a claim.

Consider the specific needs and health history of your pet when shopping for insurance. Certain breeds may be predisposed to particular pre-existing conditions or genetic issues, influencing the type of coverage required. For instance, large dog breeds may be prone to joint problems or certain cancers, necessitating coverage that includes these conditions. Understanding your pet's health background enables you to select a policy that adequately addresses potential health concerns.

Moreover, take note of the reimbursement method offered by various insurers. Some providers offer reimbursement based on the actual veterinary bill (after deductible), while others reimburse based on a benefit schedule or a set limit for each condition or procedure. Choosing a reimbursement method aligned with your preferences and financial capabilities is crucial. While plans with a set limit per condition might have lower premiums, they could potentially limit coverage for expensive treatments or ongoing care.

Additionally, it's beneficial to explore whether the insurance provider offers additional benefits or add-ons, such as coverage for routine care, prescription medications, or alternative therapies like acupuncture or physiotherapy. These supplementary options can enhance the overall value of the policy and better cater to your pet's comprehensive healthcare needs. Understanding these nuances can help you make an informed decision when selecting the most suitable pet insurance plan for your furry companion.

How much is pet insurance in Massachusetts

According to Pawlicy, the average pet insurance costs in Massachusetts for dogs and cats is $47.56 and $28.04, respectively. This makes Massachusetts relatively on par with the rest of the country as far as the average cost stated by NAPHIA’s State of the Industry Report of $49 a month for dogs and $29 a month for cats.

Cost of pet insurance in Massachusetts

Pet owners in Massachusetts can expect to pay anything between $18.77 and $304.45 in monthly premiums. These are estimates gathered from quotes from our list of vetted companies.

Costs of pet care in Massachusetts

The average cost of pet care in Massachusetts is $85.06 per vet visit, according to Care Credit. This average includes all pets and is not divided into cats and dogs.

Pet Laws in Massachusetts

Leash laws in Massachusetts vary from town to town. The state’s website Mass.gov has an extensive list of each town’s ordinances and bylaws. At the state level, Massachusetts law prevents people from renting or leasing dogs, with very few exceptions. The state also requires dog owners to register their pets that are six months or older, although each city or town decides on the appropriate license fee of each dog.

Every dog, cat and ferret in the state that is 6 months or older must be vaccinated against rabies. No pet shop can acquire, sell or offer for sale a dog or cat younger than eight weeks old.

Consumer Protection for pet insurance in Massachusetts

The state has a detailed article regarding how to protect your pets from potential health risks, including a section on how to shop for pet insurance. Any complaint associated with your pet insurance company should be submitted to Massachusetts’ Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation.

How We Found the Best Pet Insurance in Massachusetts

As part of our methodology, we gathered Massachusetts-based sample quotes and reviewed pet insurance plans based on the following factors:

  • Plan and coverage options
  • Cost and available discounts
  • Policy benefits, exclusions and restrictions
  • Waiting periods
  • Customer service options and claims processes

For the average cost of each plan, we used pet profiles with a Boston zip code, including the most popular breeds of both dog and cat nationwide with an age that would garner the lowest insurance premiums during the pet’s lifetime. We used Pawlicy and Pet Insurer to gather quotes and compare plan options.

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Summary of Money’s Best Pet Insurance in Massachusetts