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If you've been having trouble sleeping this year, you're far from alone. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has led to a rise in sleep disorders, which some researchers have nicknamed "coronasomnia."

There are a handful of steps you can take if you're finding yourself wide awake during your shuteye time, from making certain you have a good mattress to avoiding news and screens before bed.

It also might be helpful to get a weighted blanket. Made with thicker material than the average blanket, weighted blankets offer extra levels of comfort and support that some users find make it easier to fall asleep. They can also make your couch and Netflix time more comforting.

Are Weighted Blankets Good — and Worth the Money?

"Weighted blankets are really good options for snugglers or people who like the feeling of being wrapped in a big warm hug," says Ali Finney, a Brooklyn-based Beauty + Fitness Director for the online health resource Well + Good. "I had the best nap of my life under one: I felt safe, cozy, and perfectly tucked in, so I'm team WB all the way."

That said, not everyone will be happy sleeping under a weighted blanket. "While there is some preliminary research that weighted blankets can be a good option for people with anxiety, everyone experiences the world so differently, so know that these aren't for everyone," she notes. "What's more, if you run hot, the added weight within the blanket can make you hot hot hot."

Dr. Rhonda Mattox, a Little Rock-based integrative behavioral health psychiatrist and mental health consultant, says weighted blankets can be very helpful for anyone who is currently struggling with their mental health. "I frequently recommend weighted blankets to my anxiety and PTSD patients who have trouble sleeping but don't want another med," says Dr. Mattox. "I like recommending these heavy blankets because they simulate deep-touch pressure therapy, a technique used in occupational therapy, that is used to treat sensory disorders, anxiety, and ADHD with weighted clothes, without any side effects. Weighted blankets have a grounding or calming effect as it increases the parasympathetic activity and helps slow many high energy functions of the body."

When buying a weighted blanket, it's important to be mindful of who is going to be using it, in order to make a good match. "I tend to recommend for adults, not children, blankets that weigh 20 to 30 pounds and that are the right size for your bed," says Dr. Mattox. "For children, you want 5 to 10 pounds depending on their size."

If you think a weighted blanket might be key to getting through winter, here are some suggestions from health and luxury shopping experts, as part of our ongoing series of product recommendation stories.

Best Weighted Blankets

SensaCalm’s Economy Weighted Blanket: $149.95

Courtesy of SensaCalm

Sarah Johnson is a Brooklyn-based clinical therapist at Family Assets, an organization that provides "provide senior care including independent living, assisted living, memory care and skilled nursing." She says that "SensaCalm’s Economy Weighted Blanket is an excellent option for people looking to buy an affordable blanket. The blanket has a cozy fleece fabric without any fluffy fill. It comes in grey color and can be washed and dried in the machine. SensaCalm blankets are ideal for everyone who needs relaxation and a good night’s sleep."

YnM Weighted Blanket: From $79.90

Courtesy of Amazon

The price of YnM weighted blankets vary by how big and heavy you want to go, according to Johnson. You can spend more to cover you and your partner, or save a bit by going with a smaller blanket to yourself.

"It offers excellent comfort for people with anxiety, autism, ADHD, insomnia, or stress. It has a seven-layer structure designed to keep you comfortable and relaxed, allowing the glass beads to provide temperature control," she says. "You can also purchase from cozy, bamboo, or cotton duvet covers for your blanket from YnM according to your preference."

Bearaby Tree Napper: $269

Courtesy of Bearaby

"Most weighted blankets are function over form," says Finney, "but Well+Good editors recommend this Bearaby Tree Napper because it not only comes in customizable weights from 15 to 25 pounds and colors like pomegranate, almond, and rosemary, it's also really easy on the eyes."

Luxome Cooling Weighted Blankets: $142.99

Courtesy of Amazon

"I especially like Luxome", says Dr. Mattox, "because it has a cooling weighted blanket that won't bunch." The option that weighs 18 to 20 lbs. and fits a queen-size bed runs around $140.

Dr. Hart’s Weighted Blanket Deluxe Set: From $79.99

Courtesy of Dr. Hart's

The couple that snuggles together, stays together. If you're looking for a blanket that you and your partner can share, then Gabrielle Pastorek, Pittsburg-based retail analyst for the online financial advice resource Finder, recommends Dr. Hart's Weighted Blanket.

"This blanket has quite a few advantages, including its hypoallergenic, odorless and silent inner weighted material. Unlike some other weighted blankets, this one won’t make bothersome shifting noises when moving," she says. "Dr. Hart’s blanket is also large enough to work comfortably for couples, another advantage over some other models. It comes in three different weights so you can customize it to your size and needs."

Tranql Weighted Blanket: From $49

Courtesy of Amazon

If you really, really like the smell of lavender, then Pastorek thinks you should wrap yourself up in a Tranql weighted blanket. "What most sets this blanket apart from others is the fact that it contains 100 grams of dried lavender, known to help you relax and fall asleep faster," she says. "Glue-less cotton and glass beads combine to form the weighted filling, offering another silent option. Usually on sale for around $60, this model also offers a decent bang for your buck."

Luna Weighted Blanket: $64.99

Courtesy of Amazon

"If you struggle to find the right weight for your size and sleeping preferences, Luna is worth a look," says Pastorek. "This blanket comes in nine different weights, including a five-pound option for kids."

Best Weighted Blanket for Kids

RelaxBlanket Kids Weighted Blanket: $29.90

Courtesy of Amazon

If you're looking for a good weighted blanket for your child, without spending a fortune, Dr. Mattox recommends RelaxBlanket. The brand "has a pound weighted blanket that works for children between 40 to 60 pounds," she says.

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