Illustration by Kevin Whipple

You know how important it is not to panic in a market storm. Giving up on your investments when things look bleak often leads to seller’s remorse. But “not panicking” doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do anything.

Heading into turbulence, pilots will check their instruments and review their flight plans to make sure they’re still on track. Investors, faced with a tempestuous market, can do the same thing with their portfolios. At the very least, you’ll find out how well your stocks and funds are likely to fare if the market gusts again—and whether there’s still a strong case for staying the course.

To help you do that, Money assessed the prospects for five of the most popular actively managed equity funds and five of the most widely held U.S. stocks to determine if they still merit a place in your portfolio. (We recently weighed in on Apple and Alphabet, so we left them off this round-up.) You may love these stocks and funds because they seem so rock-solid. But as financial planner Lewis Altfest says, “If you don’t soberly appraise those investments you’ve come to love, the market will do that for you.”