courtesy candywarehouse.com

As if the presidential election hasn’t been terrifying enough, Halloween is just around the corner. That’s right, it’s time to put your children into their “Star Wars” and “Captain America” regalia and send them door to door to solicit treats from the neighbors.

Chances are, there will be few surprises. They’ll most likely come home with bags full of candy corn, chocolate bars and the like.

However, there are a few purveyors of October sweets who are looking to shake things up and make 2016 a Halloween for the ages.

Money went looking for weird, unusual and extreme candy that falls outside the parameters of what you'd normally see in your child's trick or treat bag. Some are timely, some are exotic and some are just plain weird, but if you’re looking to be the house that distributes something a little out of the ordinary, we advise you to try one of these.