If you’re the kind of parent, grandparent, or auntie who wants to impart some wisdom to the kids in your life, you’re likely already perusing the latest lists of best books for children.

Have you considered books that give lessons on money concepts like saving and spending? Don't assume it's too early: 45 states now include some kind of personal finance coursework in their K–12 education standards, up from 21 states in 1998, according to the Council for Economic Education.

And frankly, it’s not just kids who need to be schooled. Earlier this year, nearly two-thirds of American adults couldn’t pass a basic financial literacy test, according to the National Capability Study.

Books are a great way to teach young children about basic money concepts, including budgeting, saving and spending wisely. (You might even learn something while you're at it.)

Here are 10 books, both fun and educational, that are aimed at kids 10 and under.